Due to the current conditions with the Coronavirus, there will be no Sunday or Wednesday on-campus activities for our children's ministry.  We encourage you to use the resources below to help continue to invest in the spiritual growth of your children.

Sunday Morning

    • Join us for church online at 10am on this web-address =
    • During our online service, we welcome the children in for our “Children’s Service.”  It is after worship and includes; weekly memory verse, bible video message and Family Ministries Updates.
    •  We hope your children enjoy their special space within the Sunday sermon.

Wednesday Night


MHC Family Ministries'

Summer Mid-Week Bible lessons with family home kits!

Click here to sign up for your August kit.

Summer is almost here and Family Ministries has created an interactive new mid-week that will add some fun to our days at home as we draw close to God together.

We are mixing summer camp ideas with our Gospel Project curriculum to create an innovative way of doing a home mid-week ministry.

Family Kits will be given out from the church to those families who register, three times this summer.

Inside will be hands-on crafts, activity ideas and clues, and fun summer games that we can do together even while we are apart.

Summer Mid-Week Family Ministries is offered for all children and students.

Register your family with the names and ages of your children/students and come to the church parking to be given your at-home kits.

<b>Ashley Lalkin</b><p> Co-Director of <br>Family Ministry</p>
Ashley Lalkin

Co-Director of
Family Ministry

<b>David Garcia</b><p>Family Ministry Intern</p>
David Garcia

Family Ministry Intern

<b>Adam Hankerson</b><p>Co-Director of <br>Family  Ministry
Adam Hankerson

Co-Director of
Family Ministry

<b>Sarah Goulet</b><p>Family Ministry Intern</p>
Sarah Goulet

Family Ministry Intern