Our Leadership

Our Staff

Sam Paschall

Lead Pastor/Elder

Adam Hankerson

Pastor of Family Ministries/Elder

Mike Goulet

Pastor of Global Outreach

Jamin Goggin

Pastor and Theologian in Residence

David Garcia

Director of Student Ministries

Joshua Prosser

Children's Director and Young Adult Director

Ashley Lalkin

Congregational Care Director

Marjie Richardson

Director of Personnel

Sarah Valenzuela


Shannon Farrell

Preschool Director

Lori Hopkins

Executive Assistant/Office Manager

Stevie Ray Dykstra

Production Coordinator

Molly McDowell

Nate Prosser

Casey de Jong

Communication Intern
Facilities Assistant
Facilities Assistant

Our Elders

Sam Paschall

Pastoral Elder

Adam Hankerson


Dylan Valenzuela

Lay Elder (Chairman)

Chad Crammer

Lay Elder (Vice Chairman)

Tim Stewart

Lay Elder (Secretary)

Gabe Tolerba

Lay Elder (Alternate Secretary)

Bill Comstock

Lay Elder

Vince Gill

Lay Elder